Polycoated Medical Grade (Medigrade) Paper

We SunPro® Sprovides tailor-made solutions for packaging of Disposable single use medical devices/products which are being used in Hospitals as well as polycoated OLB paper based blister back material for tablet packaging in pharma sector.

Products in the areas of pharmaceutical & medicine industry requires multi-functional packaging that combines optimal product protection, effective advertising and minimum use of raw material.

The Medikraft/ OLB Base paper used for these applications is virgin grade/ 100% primary fibre bleached using the environment friendly ECF method ensuring strong clean fibres. It is strong, hygienic & environmental friendly. Certified production procedures incorporates hygiene control and utilizes in–line contamination and hole detection equipment

We serves as protective material for medical/ pharma packaging & offers,

  • High Paper strength.
  • Superior printability.
  • Excellent runnability & sealability.
  • Environment friendliness & recyclability.
  • Major Applications covers.

Packaging paper for

  • Latex examination gloves
  • Latex Surgical gloves.
  • Powder-free examination gloves.
  • Sterile surgical gloves.
  • Syringes
  • Catheters & needles
  • Band-aids
  • Medicine Tablets

Multitude of Hygiene products