SunPro® Perforated Radiant Barrier

Perforated SunPro® Radiant Barrier Perforated radiant barrier reflects heat back at the source instead of absorbing it like traditional fiberglass insulation. As the name states, perforated radiant barrier has tiny perforations that provide breath-ability and moisture vapor to escape. The perforations in perforated radiant barrier prevent condensation buildup making perforatedx radiant barrier foil insulation a great choice for attic insulation.

Benefits of Perforated SunPro® Radiant Barrier

  • Effective in extreme temperatures-both hot and cold
  • A radiant barrier can reduce heat transfer from an attic to a living space by 50%
  • Strong but clean, lightweight and flexible
  • Easy installation
  • Creates a more comfortable living space
  • Saves energy by reducing the stress on heating and cooling systems
  • Can reduce utility bills substantially
  • Safe to handle with no special clothing or breathing equipment
  • Cuts and installs easier than fiberglass
  • Reflects 96% of radiant heat
  • Emmits less than 3% of heat
  • Easily stapled, nailed or glued into place
  • Waterproof, non-absorbent surface
  • Class 1 / Class A fire rated radiant barrier that has passed the ASTM E84 test