Aluminum Foil PUR PIR HVAC Board

We are glad to introduce SunPro® Group Of Companies as India's 1st Manufacturer involved in manufacturing innovative thermal insulated material as well Laminated Film for Insulation's Materials Manufacturer through cutting edge technology Since Last 10 Year.

SunPro® Radiant Barriers or Reflective Barriers....

“Radiant barriers or reflective barriers inhibit heat transfer by thermal radiation. Thermal energy may also be transferred via conduction or convection, however radiant barriers do not necessarily protect against heat transfer via conduction or convection.”

Our SunPro® Radiant Barriers or Reflective Barriers For Thermal Insulation's Materials Like....

  • FSK SunPro® Barriers
  • Woven Based SunPro® Barriers
  • Perforated SunPro® Barriers
  • Non Woven Based SunPro® Barriers
  • Fiber Glass Fabric Based SunPro® Barriers
  • Fiber Glass Mesh Based SunPro® Barriers


We, M/S, SunPro ™ Group Of Companies is the major manufacturer and exporter of Al foil Based Laminated Materials. Our All Al foil / Metllized Film Are very Low Emissivity & high Reflectivity. We believe you might be interested in our products to be laminated on PE foam , air bubble film, Phenolic foam Board ,PU foam Board ( PUR/PIR/HVAC Board) or any Thermal / Reflective Insulation materials for insulation industry as well as also used in Packaging / Printing Industries..,

  • Aluminum foil with PE Film (AL 7 to 30 micron/PE 20 to 100micron)
  • Metallized BOPP film with PE Film (MBOPP 12-18micron/PE 20-100micron)
  • Metallized Polyester film with PE Film (MPET 8-18micron/PE 20-100micron
  • Al foil With PP Spun Bond Non woven Fabric (Al 7 to 60 Mic / Non woven 20 to 200 GSM)
  • Al foil With Uv coating (Al 7 to 60 Mic Specially for PU foam Board )
  • Coated Aluminum foil roll for PUR/PIR/HVAC duct

Further, we introduce innovative film and foil laminated Materials For Laminated with Foam / Air Bubble / Glass Wood Etc ( More Details Pl find Attach)

Woven Scrim Laminated Film Types:

  • Metalized PET + PE woven fabric + PE
  • MBOPP + PE woven fabric + PE
  • Al Foil + PE woven fabric + PE
  • Al Foil + PP Spunbond Non woven
  • Coated Al foil
  • Al foil + Fiber Glass Tissue Fabric

Fibreglass Scrim / Mesh / Fabric Laminated Film Types:

  • Metalized PET + (Fibreglass Scrim / Mesh / Fabric) + PE
  • MBOPP + (Fibreglass Scrim / Mesh / Fabric) + PE
  • Al Foil + (Fibreglass Scrim / Mesh / Fabric) + PE