The highly advanced state-of-the-art infrastructure at SunPro® Group has been parted into several highly operational units, for reasons of managing the firm’s operations in the best possible manner. To help us in the attainment of a number of the firm’s predefined targets, the facility has been equipped with all the necessary machinery and equipment. Further, regular up-gradation of the facility, has helped us in maximizing our reach in the market.

The 100000 sq. ft. yards of facilities at SunPro® Group are state-of-the-art, strategically located and are fully configured for integration. This allows us to satisfy all manner of client requirement with respect to the type of lamination required, quality and also their quantity. We keep upgrading the machines and equipment used in our facilities to ensure a seamless production and dispatch process that meets the highest standards of efficiency. Our machine inventory includes a Hydraulic Press that has an installed capacity of 6o tons. We also check our machines regularly in order to maintain topnotch standards of maintenance so that they keep delivering optimum performance.

Technical expertise

  • SunPro® Group Technical team possesses the information, skill and Wherewithal to decipher your most knotty technical confrontations. The facilities are as follows.
  • Fully incorporated Production Facilities
  • High-tech production Facilities
  • Computer Controlled all machinery like VMCH Coating line, Dry / Wet Lamination machine, UV Coater on paper as well as all slitting and packaging machinery
  • Up to date Coating and Lamination machinery
  • Ultra-modern in house test laboratories to execute all necessary tests like tensile testing equipments, bonding strength testing equipments, heat sealing testing equipments, GSM tester, Micron meter, UN tests, Electrostatic, UV and other vital tests
  • vigorous traceability systems from raw material to finished product
  • All required quality and testing certifications and authorizations
  • Clean room applications for food, Pharmaceutical, high-purity chemicals and other applications.


  • Production Facility-50,000 sqr.ft.
  • Fully Automatic 3 pass Tandem co-extrusion coating & lamination Plant-1600mm
  • Automatic PLA extrusion coating & lamination plant -1600mm
  • Single pass fully automatic extrusion coating & lamination Machine-2000mm
  • 8 colour fully automatic ARC Rotogravure Printing Machine- l000mm
  • 4 colour automatic Flexo printing machine - 1600mm
  • Fullyautomatic VMCHcoating line-1600mm
  • Solvent based fully automatic Dry/ WetLamination Machine-1600mm
  • Solvent Free fully automatic Lamination machine - 1600mm
  • Fullyautomatic Slitting Machines-Snos.
  • FullyEquipped QC Lab-
    • i. Universal Testing Machine : 1. Tensile testing    2. 90degree &180degree peeling/bond testing
    • ii. Burst Strength Testing Machine
    • iii. Heat sealing testingequipment
    • iv. GSM tester
    • v. Micron meter .