PE Coated FBB Board ( Box Folding Board )

A range of various boards such as pulp board, paste board, bristol board, ivory board, art board, chrome board, industrial paper board, duplex paper board in the form of a coherent sheet or web used for printing, packaging, decorating etc

Also known as box board, carton board, and cardboard, Paperboard containing recovered fiber is a multi-ply material, formed in layers of recovered fiber. Often grey in appearance, a white top layer made from recovered office paper is often used to provide a clean printing surface. It comes in many forms having various attributes. Common examples include chipboard and solid bleached sulfate, or SBS, board. The main advantage of paperboard is that it is cheap.

Binding Board⁄ Coloured Board ⁄ PE Coated Board ⁄ Solid Bleached Sulphate Board ⁄ Fully Coated Folding Box Board

  • One side coated folding box board
  • Ivory board
  • FBB
  • C1S ivory cardboard
  • 190GSM, 210GSM, 230GSM, 250GSM, 270GSM, 300GSM, 350GSM, 400GSM
  • 100% wood pulp, 170–400GSM
  • Grade A with excellent printability


  • Good quality & Competitive price
  • Material: 100% wood pulp
  • Grammage: 190–400g
  • Size: Width more than 600mm in sheet or reel/roll
  • Core size: 3 or 6 inches, 12 inches
  • Quality: Grade A with excellent printability, widely used in package and printing field.