Laminated Retort Pouch Material

Made from heat-resistant laminated plastic, retort pouches are semi-rigid, flexible packages. Food products like soups, pasta, rice, sauces, and cook-in-a-bag meals are sealed and sterilized in these pouches with a maximum temperature of 121°C. Thus, they are the go-to packaging for convenience, processed, and pre-packaged food.

When we wax praises about how well retort pouches package, it is because of its internal structural composition. It has the sturdiness of metal cans and protects the nutrient value of the food.

Inside of 4 Ply retort pouches Laminates


  • Polyster ( Printed) + Nylon + Al foil + PE film ( sealing )
  • Polyster ( Printed) + Nylon + Al foil + CPP/PP film ( sealing )



The first layer is propylene which acts as a heat seal surface and provides strength and flexibility.

The next layer which is the nylon layer protects from abrasion.

The aluminum layer not only protects from lights, gases, and odor but also extends the product shelf life.

The final polyester layer provides excellent strength and is very easy to print on.

The materials that go into the packaging of retort pouches are FDA approved and undergo sterilization processes which increase the durability of the packaging.

  • Provides dimensionally-stable print surface
  • Protects the ink
  • Protects the barrier layer
  • Plays a role in burst strength & tear resistance
  • Adds to overall pouch strength

Material of Retort Pouches Laminates

The structure of the high-temperature resistant cooking bag has two layers, three layers, four layers, and even more.
Among them, the second layer is a transparent plastic/mold, such as PET / CPP or OPA / CPP.

The three layers are transparent plastic/mold, such as PET / OPA / CPP, and opaque types containing aluminum foil, such as PET / AL / CPP, OPP / AL / CPP.

The four layers are opaque PET / AL / OPA / CPP with aluminum foil. This structure is a puncture-resistant, reinforced, large-capacity packaging bag. The OPA should be reasonable between AL and CPP.

The more layers are mainly The inner layer does not use pure CPP film, but uses multi-layer co-extruded film, such as PA / EVOH / PP, PA / PVA / PP co-extruded film plus PET or aluminum foil to form a composite with more layers, but its quantity Not much.

From a functional point of view, the four-layer structure PET / AL / OPA / CPP bag containing aluminum foil can completely meet the requirements of all cooked food.

Advantages Of Retort Pouch by making our materials

  1. Maintain the color, aroma, taste, and shape of the food. The retort pouch is thinner and can be sterilized in a short period of time, and the original color, aroma, taste, and shape of the food are preserved as much as possible.
  2. Easy to use. The retort pouch can be opened easily and safely. When eating, put the food into the boiling water together with the bag and heat it for 5 minutes to open it, even if it is not heated.
  3. Convenient storage and transportation. The retort pouch is light in weight and can be stacked and stored.
  4. The space occupied is small. After packaging the food, the space occupied is smaller than that of the metal can, and the storage and transportation space can be fully utilized to save the storage cost.
  5. Save energy. Due to the thinner retort pouch, the bacteria can reach the lethal temperature faster when heated, and the energy consumption is 30-40% less than that of the iron can.
  6. Easy to sell. The retort pouch can be packaged or assembled according to market needs, and customers can purchase it at will. In addition, due to the beautiful decoration, it also greatly increases the sales volume.
  7. Long save time. The food packaged in the retort bag does not need to be refrigerated or frozen and has a stable shelf life, comparable to metal cans, easy to sell, and is convenient for home use.
  8. Low manufacturing costs. The composite film for manufacturing the retort pouch is lower in price than the metal sheet, and the production process and the required equipment are much simpler, so the retort pouch is lower in price.
  9. Lanker retort pouches are available in a variety of accessories, including easy-to-tear, nozzle, zipper, transparent window, etc., to withstand temperatures from 120 ° C to 135 ° C.