3 layer composite material made from UV & FR reinforced Fiber Glass Dimond Scrim with ONE side highly reflective Metalized Polyester Film and other side is clear PET film


  • 12 Mic Metpet - Insulation Grade
  • 12 Mic Clear Pet Film
  • 9 Gsm Dimond Shape Fiber Glass Scrim Rainforcement

Typical Physical Property

Property Test Method Unit Results
Grammage ISO 536 g/ sqm 42.84 (+/-5%)
Tensile – MD and CD ASTM D 828 N/25mm 150 - 200
Burst Strength ASTM D 774 N/25mm 155
Water Vapour Transmission ASTM F 1249 N <1
Temperature Resistant ASTM C 1263 -29~66 ℃ - Remains Flexible No Delamination
Emissivity ASTM E408 % 0.03
Reflectivity ASTM E408 % 97%
Working Tempreture   Celsius -50 to 110’C

Our SunPro® MFPETMETPETScrim insulation are mainly used under roof decking, under attic rafters, over existing attic insulation, in floors, walls and crawl spaces, and in industrial and commercial buildings to block radiant heat coming into house through the roof during the summer and retain indoor heat generated during the winter. Also used as a moisture vapor barrier in air conditioning ductworks and cold rooms. It is used as packing material for big machine to prevent moisture and radiant heat to contact machine.

Product Benefits

  • Eco-friendly, environment friendly and radiant barrier.
  • Aluminum foil woven fabric as a radiant barrier stops up to 97% of radiant heat transfer Which improves the performance of the insulating material.
  • PE woven fabric provides high tensile strength and durability
  • Lightweight and easy handling and low cost.
  • Never use chemical bonding materials.
  • For heavier basic weight based on order are also available.
  • Different lengths and basic weight are available.


  • Above data are typical results and not the guaranteed performance.
  • Tolerance : Weight and Thickness: ±10%; Width: ±2mm; Length: ±0.5%.
  • The products should be stored at room temperature away from wet and heat source.
  • Please do trial-application and make sure the product can serve the specific application before actually put it to use.

Packaging Details

  • Core ID : 76mm (3inch) Standard
  • length : 500 mtrs, Other lengths available On request
  • Thickness tolerance : +/-7% Maximum
  • Width : 1220mm & 1520mm