SunPro® AFT – Foil Mesh Fiberglass Tissue For Phenolic Board


  • 3 to 5 layer Pure reflective Al foil Laminated with Fiber Glass Mesh Tissue


  • Polyurethane &Phenolic Insulation panels for roof and wall
  • PIR Insulation panel
  • PUR Insulation panel
  • Thermal board insulation panel
  • Insulation panel or roof
  • PUR/PIR Foam Pre-insulated Duct Panel

Typical Physical Property

  • Al foil Thickness – 7 Mic to 60 Mic
  • Tissue and Mesh – 50-100 GSM
  • Appearance - Silver/customized
  • Width(cm) - 1M, 1.2M, 1.25M, 1.3M
Property Test Method Unit Results
Grammage ISO 536 g/ sqm 100-120 (+/-5%)
Tensile - MD and CD ASTM D 828 N/25mm 175-225
Burst Strength ASTM D 774 N/25mm 185
Water Vapour ransmission ASTM F 1249 N <1
Temperature Resistant ASTM C 1263 -29~66 ℃ - Remains Flexible No Delamination
Emissivity ASTM E408 % 0.05
Reflectivity ASTM E408 % 95%

Aluminum foil is processed into sandwich panels with foam Board and It’s widely used for central air condition duct/Hybrid ventilation duct, like hospital, supermarket, hotel and more public place. This foil is more and more popular with buyers, as our foil is Green & Environmental protection, no .



  • Light, safe, decrease the load of the building.
  • Easy to install, shorten the construction period.
  • Protect environment, sandwich structure with antioxidant surfaces.
  • High performance in heat insulating, can be served in both high and low temperature environment.
  • Fireproof, meet the National standard, makes building safe.
  • Soundproof, makes a quieter environment.
  • Long service life up to 20 years, very low cost in wastage and maintenance.
  • Nice appearance.
  • Improve air quality


  • Above data are typical results and not the guaranteed performance.
  • Tolerance: Weight and Thickness: ±10%; Width: ±2mm; Length: ±0.5%.
  • The products should be stored at room temperature away from wet and heat source.
  • Please do trial-application and make sure the product can serve the specific application before actually put it to use.   

Packaging Details

  • Core ID: 76mm (3inch) Standard
  • length: 100-2000mtrs, Other lengths available On request
  • Thickness tolerance: +/-7% Maximum
  • Width-100mm & 1520mm