Flexible Laminates

SunPro® Flexible Laminates are manufactured by Laminating process where two or more flexible packaging webs are joined together using a bonding agent.

The substrates making up the webs may consist of films, papers or aluminium foils. SunPro® flexible laminates are produced by ways of either Extrusion Lamination, Solvent based Adhesive lamination, Solventless Adhesive lamination or Hot Melt Lamination and also by combinations of 2 or more methods as may be required for end application.

SunPro® flexible laminates improves the barrier properties of the packaging material in order to protect the packaged item and increase its shelf life.

SunPro® flexible packaging laminates provide three main functions:

  • Mechanical properties that improve the strength of the material by making it more resistant to tearing, punching etc. that protect it, during packaging, distribution and storage.
  • The barrier properties that protect from outside deteriorating agents (i.e. light, moisture, gas, oxygen, pathogens and spoiling agents) and also prevent loss of the product qualities such as freshness and aroma in the case of food.
  • The substrate sealability thathermetically closes the flexible packaging.

We at SunPro® have the facility for 8 colour printing on these substrates. This can give the packaging the much-neededattractiveness and help our customers to present their brand in more communicable way to their end customers


Basically, all applications where the product needs to be protected and its shelf life extended.

This applies to a huge variety of food products for human and animal consumption, but applications are almost as common for non-food products, which can require functional and highly technical film structures. In the food sections, these range for packaging of ready-to-eat products such as snacks, ice creams, biscuits, drinks or products such as coffee and frozen food, to applications such as boil-in-bag pouches or freezer-to-microwave products. In the non-food section, laminated materials may be used for insulation, solar panel back sheets and packaging of liquids for the cosmetic industries.