Flexible Pouches & Bags

SunPro® Flexible pouches are single-use bags commonly made of metal foil, plastic, and occasionally, paper. They are used for packaging everything from snack foods to industrial liquids and are commonly found on supermarket shelves across the globe.

SunPro® Flexible pouches have become extremely popular over the past few years for food packaging. This is because many of them are resealable, environmentally friendly, and cheaper than alternatives like glass, metal, and cardboard containers.

They are used for packaging everything from granola to energy drinks. Their widespread adoption is linked to the fact that they have a much lower carbon footprint than the alternative packaging materials mentioned above and take up much less space in our landfills.

Types of Pouches :

  • Center Seal
  • Three Side Seal
  • Four Side Seal
  • Standing Pouch
  • Gusset Bag
  • Zipper
  • Spout

Product Category

End Application

Type of bag used

Frozen Food and
Vacuum Products
Frozen seafood, Crab sticks, Sausages,
Ice cream etc.
Vacuum bag, Standing Pouch, 3 Side Seal
Powder Products Flour, Milk Powder, Artificial Cream etc. 3 Side seal, Gusset Pouch
Liquid Products Vegetable oil, Fabric Softener, Pesticide, Body Shampoo etc. Standing Pouch, Zipper Bag
Instant Noodle Products Instant Noodles Center Seal, Gusset Bag
Agriculture Products Rice, Sugar Seeds etc. Center Seal, 3 Side Seal
Chemical Products Food Coloring, Fertilizer etc. Center Seal, 3 Side Seal, Gusset Pouch, Standing Pouch
Snack Food Products Potato Chips etc. Center Seal, Gusset Pouch
Bread and Confectionery Candy, Chocolate etc. 3 Side Seal, Gusset Pouch
Retort Products Curry, Aloe Vera, Rice, Ready-To-Eat Food etc. 3 Side Seal, Center Seal, Standing Pouch