PE COATED Al Foil Metpet MetBopp

We, M/S, SunPro® Group Of Companies is the major manufacturer and exporter of Al foil Based Laminated Materials. Our All Al foil / Metallized Film Are very Low Emissivity & high Reflective. We believe you might be interested in our products to be laminated on PE foam , air bubble film, Phenolic foam Board ,PU foam Board ( PUR/PIR/HVAC Board) or any Thermal / Reflective Insulation materials for insulation industry as well as also used in Protective Packaging Application..

  • Aluminum foil with PE Film (AL 7 to 30 micron/PE 20 to 100micron)
  • Metallized BOPP film with PE Film (MBOPP 12-18micron/PE 20-100micron)
  • Metallized Polyester film with PE Film (MPET 8-18micron/PE 20-100micron
  • Al foil With PP Spun Bond Non woven Fabric (Al 7 to 60 Mic / Non woven 20 to 200 GSM )
  • Al foil With Uv coating (Al 7 to 60 Mic Specially for PU foam Board )
  • Coated Aluminum foil roll for PUR/PIR/HVAC duct
  • Al foil with Fiber Glass Fabric or Scrim
  • Metlised Film laminated Fiberglass Fabric or Scrim

Further, we introduce innovative film and foil laminated Materials For Laminated with Foam / Air Bubble / Glass Wood Etc

Woven. Non woven Fabric Laminated Film Types:

  • Metalized PET + PE woven fabric + PE
  • MBOPP + PE woven fabric + PE
  • Al Foil + PE woven fabric + PE
  • Al Foil + PP Spunbond Non-woven

Fibreglass Scrim / Mesh / Fabric Laminated Film Types:

  • Metalized PET + (Fibreglass Scrim / Mesh / Fabric) + PE
  • MBOPP + (Fibreglass Scrim / Mesh / Fabric) + PE
  • Al Foil + (Fibreglass Scrim / Mesh / Fabric) + PE
  • Al foil + Fiber Glass Tissue Fabric