Paper & Paperboards Coating Lamination Products

SunPro® Group is one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of PE coated paper & paper boards with and without Multi Color Rotogravure Printing option. At present, our products are well accepted by the industries like Pharmaceuticals, Snack Foods, Ice Creams, Dairy Production, Tea, Coffee, Milk, Automobiles, Stationery and other FMGC Industries.

Poly Coated Sachet Paper

SunPro® a wide variety of Paper for sugar sachet that is fabricated using superior quality raw material. These are flexible in nature and can be customized in terms color combination, finish, size as per the specification provided by our clients.

Pharma Packaging Laminated Materials

SunPro® Al foil, Paper & particular PE based 4ply laminate is brilliant choice for linked Pharma drug formulation packaging. We at SunPro® Group designed extraordinary multilayer laminate that efficiently pro- tects effectiveness of ORS formulations for longer periods.

Aluminium Foil Based Laminates

SunPro® Group has the capacity for processing 250 Tons of foil in assorted thickness a month Aluminum Foil Laminating consists basically of combining a web or sheet of aluminum foil with one or more other materials, such as paper and plastic films, using Plastic Extrusion bonding. The resulting product is a sandwich of three or more layers…

PE Coated AI Foil Metpet MetBopp

M/S, SunPro® Group Of Companies is the major manufacturer and exporter of Al foil Based Laminated Materials. Our All Al foil / Metallized Film Are very Low Emissivity & high Reflective.

Non Woven Fabric Laminated Products

SunPro® Group, are striving hard to supply our customers with the best quality plastic Coated & Laminated nonwoven fabrics at very competitive prices. We are your best source for different types of nonwovens used in industrial, hygienic, and medical applications.

Metallic Non Woven Fabric in Roll Form

SunPro® Nonwoven fabric is a fabric–like material made from long fibers, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. The term is used in the textile manufacturing industry to denote fabrics, such as felt, which are neither woven not knitted.

Ply Laminated Foil

SunPro® 3 ply is appropriate for packing conservative products like confectionery, tea, consumables etc. The final product specifications are made as per agreed pact with the customers based on the type of products that are to be packed. These foils are usually used for packing pouch.

Metallized Film Laminated Material

SunPro® Metallized films (or metallized films) are polymer films coated with a thin layer of metal, usually aluminum. They offer the glossy metallic appearance of an aluminum foil at a reduced weight and cost. Metallized films are widely used for decorative purposes and food packaging, and also for specialty applications including insulation and electronics….

Woven Sack Lamination Products

M/S, SunPro® offering Poly Coating, Gloss Lamination, Sandwich Lamination, Film Coating and Woven Sack Lamination to our clients at competitive prices and within the defined time frame.

PE Coated Cup Stock paper

SunPro® Group provides a range of cup stock paper, which is manufactured in compliance with the international quality standards. These papers are used for food packaging such as paper cup, bowls, containers, food wrappers, grocery bags, tray mats, meal boxes and fast-food containers.

Insulation Industries

SunPro® applying exclusively progressed mix processing and using fiberglass as the base cloth and unusual fire-resistant adhesive agent, our product has the outstanding properties such as the smooth facade on the aluminum foil, strong light reflection, good stretching resistance in length and breadth, non-breath ability, non-breath ability, non-water permeability, good hermetic and weather resistance.

Barrier Film For Mfg of Insualtion Materials

SunPro® is a versatile range of high performance fiber-free flexible reflective insulation for roofs, walls and floors. SunPro® fiber-free flexible Reflective Insulation Materials…

Food & Beverages Industry

SunPro® Paper Foils offered with us can be acquired in a preference of 2 ply, 3 ply and 4 ply. Our Paper Foils are soaring on demand in different industries for packing products like Chocolates, Chewing gum, Biscuits etc.

Custom Engineered Laminates

While some flexible packaging manufacturers proffer a standard “menu” of flexible packaging materials, we engineer tailored flexible packaging structures designed specifically for your products. We work with an enormous variety of films, foils, papers, and coating when engineering customized flexible packaging laminations.