Other Specialty Coated Laminated Products

M/S, SunPro® Group has consistently introduced innovative packaging solutions to satisfy even the most demanding and quality conscious customers. This Mega Conversion capacity is for the converter community. Being converter's converter we are flexible enough to laminate our customers, own paper/ other substrate on contract manufacturing. We have 3 years experience in job working and a repute to respect the value of the customer’s material.

For finding new product solutions our product development & marketing team is working closely with our customers. Continuous quality control is used to monitor and measure the properties of the products. For direct contact with foodstuff, dry foods & greasy foods, we have US FDA approval for all of the major requirements & recommendation for materials that come into contact with food

We specialize in the entire production process from extrusion/ printing/ slitting & sheeting and we can quickly develop, produce and supply new customized packaging requirement.

Quality and consistency are the cornerstones of our product lines. We work continuously with our raw material vendors to keep up-to-date with resin technology and advancements. Our close vendor relationships enable us to bring these new advancements to market for you.

Few of the specialties Extrusions coated/ laminated products are as following.

  • Laminates for Insulation
  • Polycoated Base paper for Various Application
  • Multilayer Laminates for Automotive Industry
  • Aluminum & Met–Polyester Laminates for Tea Industry

Laminates for Insulation :

We offer versatile range of Laminates for Insulation material products for thermal Insulation & Building construction Industry.

Our products under this category show excellent barrier properties, gas tightness, fire retardancy, dimensional stability, thermo-reflection, breathability, sound insulation and the low emission properties characteristics of aluminum. Insertion of glass fiber scrim makes the facing material complete to give dimensional stability & added strength.

These facing materials are suitable for mineral wool, rockwool, polyurethane and other light insulation materials. The primary purpose of thermal insulation materials, such as mineral wool, polyurethane is to save energy. Their insulation properties and energy efficiency can be considerably enhanced with facing materials. Special combination of material improves the breathability and mechanical strength of the material, in addition to reducing the fire load.

In Construction sector, we provide high quality, cost efficient and innovative solutions of insulation materials for walls, floors and ceiling. Our material is suitable for warehouse, factory, supermarket, gym and office etc. Double side aluminum foil facing material is more effective in light reflection, mostly suitable for roof and wall insulation of house, warehouse, cold storage and factories.

The composition of facing material mostly constitutes aluminum foil, fiber glass Scrim, kraft paper and polyethylene. We can also use Metalized polyester to make the facing laminate cost effective.

Polycoated Base paper for Various Application :

We offer Polycoated Bleached, Unbleached Kraft paper & other various grades of paper (Maplitho, MG Poster etc.) for various coating applications such as Silicone Coating, VCI Anticorrosion Coating & any other water/ solvent based custom coating.

The Base paper used for polycoating could be of Gsm ranging from 30gsm up to 450 gsm. LDPE coating on paper could be from 10 gsm up to 80 gsm with gloss or Matte finish surface. We offer widest polycoated substrate width for various coatings (Up to 1250mm).

We are flexible enough to convert customer’s own paper on Contract Manufacturing Basis. In more than 3 years of coating, laminating, and printing experience, PATELS has accumulated enough technical and processing capabilities to support the converter community in the form of above base laminates for supplier. Make use of our high end machines & customer oriented services for your manufacturing.

Multilayer Laminates for Automotive Industry :

In automotive industry PATELS offers Extrusion coated material for headliners, hoodliners, carpet and other acoustical part which enhance mechanical properties such as dimensional stiffness and cost competitive alternatives to traditional lamination method.

A hoodliner is low profile acoustic absorber for mechanical noise and vibration, generated by engine components. It is designed for application of high heat areas, such as an engine compartment. Safepack combination of non-woven extrusion laminate withstands the high engine compartment temperatures & provides dimensional stiffness to hoodliners.

A headliner is an interior trim part, covering the metal roof structure. It is used to hold the sun visors, handless and interior light modules during vehicle assembly. PATELS offers a verity of sandwich structures which provides the necessary stiffness to the thermoformed headliner and minimizes nail up clips

Aluminum & Met–Polyester Laminates for Tea Industry:

PATELS offers a combination of multiple substrates for tea packaging to provide the ultimate barrier for your high value products. The advantages offered in this product line are, the capability to combine several substrates in-line to develop cost effective lamination with customized physical, optical and sealing properties that meet specific product and package format requirement.

We laminate different grades of paper (Unbleached as well as Bleached) with aluminum foil or metalized polyester film (Met PET) for bulk or pouch form packaging of tea & other confectionary products. The aluminum foil or metalized polyester is also laminated with consumer board for lidding material for precut lids.

These multifunctional laminates provide moisture & oxygen barrier apart from aroma resistance & strength. The four ply laminates using bleached kraft/ white MG poster as base paper also offers smooth runnability along with excellent sealability & easy pouch tear. We can do printing up to 8 color to offer one stop solution for direct use. Our strict adherence to specifications, combined with statistical process control, ensure that you receive the highest quality material.

The product list in other specialty coated/Laminated products goes on increasing since our journey in supply of high value packaging material to our customers is endless.To name few more products, the list continues as,

  • Polycoated Non-Woven substrate
  • Eco tarpaulins/liners.
  • Scrim reinforcement case liners.
  • Laminate for cable sheathing
  • Other specialty Wrappers
  • Customized Wrappers