PLA Coated Paper & Paper Boards

SunPro™ PLA Coated Cup Stock Paper

SunPro® Group Of Companies glanceThe PLA Coating Paper Cup Raw Material is ideally suited for cold drinks such as smoothies or juices! This sturdy cup looks like poly coated paper cups but is actually made from high quality pla which is plant based. This means you won’t be adding to landfill or harming the environment. This is a great plastic-free alternative for any cafe or takeaway looking to make a real eco-conscious difference.



  • ECO-friend materials
       we choose 100%wood-pulp food-grade base material to ensure your paper products (paper cups, paper bowl, ice cream cup, popcorn cup...) are healthy.
  • High quality
       the paper have good brightness, smoothness, stiffness, on-fluorescence.
  • Customized design
       we will cut rolls with different sizes according to your requirement.
  • Good packaging
      we pack roll paper, sheets paper with thicker paper board and corner , plastic film wrapping outside prevent moisture

So, does PLA work as well as PE?

PLA has improved markedly since it was first invented. Because it’s made from plant-based material rather than plastic, people are sometimes unsure whether PLA is as strong and heat-resistant as PE. The answer is yes, it is – PLA is capable of handling everything that PE can handle. At the moment, the demand for PE is still greater than PLA, but we believe that’s because people aren’t fully aware of the benefits of PLA yet. 

Q. What are the advantages of PLA?

The biggest one is that PLA-lined cups can go straight into the composting bin, whereas other paper cups have to go through a separate recycling process. Then there’s the fact that PLA comes from renewable resources, which reduces landfill. We all know how important that is these days. Another big one is that PLA can be manufactured using the same equipment used for making other plastics, so it’s just as cost-efficient to produce.

So, does PLA work as well as PE?

  • Grammage – Std. 150-300 gsmcup stock paper
  • Coating GSM- 20-45 as per customer request...
  • Width – Jumbo reel form 700 mm – 1500 mm
  • Coating Material: PLA, Biodegradable or composite resin Materials..
  • Coating Side: Single Side
  • Compatible Printing: Offset Printing