Biodegradable Coated Kraft Paper & Boards

SunPro™ Biodegradable Coated Kraft Paper & Boards

SunPro® Group Of Companies glanceThe BIODEGRADABLE Coated Kraft Paper Material is ideally suited for such as Packaging bags, sugar sachet etc.! This paper looks like poly coated paper cups but is actually made from high quality Biodegradable which is Biodegradable based. This means you won’t be adding to landfill or harming the environment. This is a great Biodegradable -free alternative for any cafe or takeaway looking to make a real eco-conscious difference.


Biodegradable Coated Kraft Paper & Boards


  • Truly compostable Eco Friendly BIODEGRADABLE coated paper
  • Biodegradable Paper/Boards complies with food safety requirements for direct food contact
  • Excellent Heat seal ability on continuous FFS machine
  • Excellent gas barrier
  • We manufacture  eco-friendly, nontoxic paper and  board
  • Excellent printing effect on paper/paperboard surface
  • Our compostable paper & board has Optimum tear strength


Biodegradable coated paper products include milk and juice cartons, hot and cold paper drinking cups, frozen food containers, Biodegradables lined paper bags, take-out Containers and some paper Biodegradable. Poly lactase (BIODEGRADABLE) is the most studied and easily available bio based and bio-degradable polymer. As such BIODEGRADABLE would be a good candidate to be coated on to paper for complete compost ability at the end of life.


  • BIODEGRADABLE Coated Kraft Paper
  • BIODEGRADABLE Coated Chromo Paper
  • BIODEGRADABLE Coated Poster Paper
  • BIODEGRADABLE Coated Glassine Paper
  • BIODEGRADABLE Coated Cup Stock Papers


  • Grammage
    1. 50 gsm Chromo Paper / 15 – 20 gsm Biopolymer
    2. 40 gsmGlassine Paper / 20 – 30 gsm Biopolymer
    3. 45 gsm Poster Paper / 15 – 20 gsm Biopolymer
    4. 50 gsm Kraft Paper / 20-30 gsm Biopolymer
    5. 170 – 250 gsm Cup stock board / 15 – 20 gsm Biopolymer
    6. 150 – 250 gsmFBB/SBS board / 15 – 20 gsm Biopolymer