Roof Insulations Materials

like SunPro® – ANWA are Reflects most of radiation heat (blocks 97% of radiation heat)Apply Nonwoven fabric which is a fabric-like material made from long fibbers, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment as backing, reflective aluminium foil as the outer surface laminated together by LDPE / acrylic adhesive, this foil insulation radiant barrier is light weight, environment friendly, soft and easy to fold; usually be installed in dry environment to prevent heat conduction and thermal radiant.

SunPro® – ANWA Non Woven Foil Insulation Materials

  • Structure: WUV & FR Woven Fabric + PE + Al Foil Or Both Side Metalized ⁄ Al Foil Also Available
  • Width of the roll: 100mm ˜1250mm
  • Core: 3 inch.
  • Length : According to the customers' demand.
  • Colour: silver, white, black, deep blue, light blue, orange.

Roof Insulations Material

is light in weight, excellent tear-resistance & good puncture resistance & excellent water vapour resistance and higher tensile strength. It is easy to handle during construction. anti-aging, peel strength, and printable

Insulation Usage:

Roof Insulations Material is used widely to make car cap to Reflective Sunshine & in Roof, floor, wall, pack food for heat retaining, medical & sanitary, industry & agriculture, construction & daily-used products such as the agricultural plant covers, roof waterproof material, disposable items for medical and industrial applications, liners for furniture, packing material, shopping bags, suit and garment cover, industrial protective coveralls, garment accessory materials, bed articles, medical and sanitary articles as well as family and hotel consume articles, especially for heat insulation, thermal insulation and construction and other fields.

Other Packaging Usage:

Roof Insulations Materials like Metalized film Al Foil Laminated non woven fabric used in flexible packaging, waterproof material, decorative material, foodstuff packaging, barrier material, Low heat shrinkage, well tensile strength, aluminium coating is well-proportioned has very high lusted degree, light reflectivity reach 98%, suitable for yarn, cling packaging, cosmetic packaging and tobacco and liquor packaging.