Woven Sack Based SunPro® RADIANT BARRIERS

Many radiant barriers are made of metalized surfaces, which reflect about 50 to 60% of heat radiations. Our PATELS GROUP radiant barrier is a pure aluminium foil with a minimum radiation reflection of 95% (and up to 99%).

In addition our extensive Research and Development activity allowed us to innovate, producing a high density polyethylene woven structure. This synthetic structure is much more resistant to moisture than paper based foil and is highly resistant to tears. As the main goal of our radiant barriers is to protect Indian buildings from external heat, only the external face is reflective to the radiation.

It is highly advised to use our radiant barriers along with a ventilation system in order to evacuate the heat accumulated between the barrier and the tiles:

Over ridges, the use of compact roll is the most elegant and efficient way to exhaust the hot air.

On eaves, either a filler comb or ventilation tiles will be perfect to ensure the entry of fresh air.


Our Woven AL Radiant barrier is a 3 layer radiant barrier, using 1 layer of pure aluminium foil bonded to 1 layer of extra strong woven fabric.

Also Radiant barrier isavailable in a 5 layer, using 2 layer of pure aluminium foil bonded to 1 layer of extra strong woven fabric.

  • Grammage 100 ­ 180 Gsm (±15 g /sqm )
  • Tensile : MD ≡350 to 400 N/50 mm, CD ≡100 to 200 N/50 mm
  • Force at break : 100±20 N
  • Water vapour transmission rate <1 g/m2 /day
  • Emittance of surface Aluminium foil : 97±2 %
  • Width: Up to 1520mm


It is economical solution for a wide range of industrial, manufacturing, packaging and consumer application. Such as for industrial sheds, commercial buildings, home insulation ,under wood or laminated flooring, roof insulation, carpet underlay and construction, packaging material to the sensitive products