Ultra-violet cured coatings can be applied over ink printed on paper and dried by exposure to UV radiation. UV coatings can be devised up to 100% solids so that they have no impulsive module that gives to pollution. This elevated solids level also allocates for the coating to be related in awfully thin films. UV coatings can be originated to a extensive assortment of gloss ranges. UV coating can be applied via most conformist industrial coating applications as well as by silkscreen.

Due to the usually towering solids content of UV coating/varnish the facade of the cured film can be tremendously pensive and glossy. 80 lb text and heavier weights of paper can be UV coated; however, cover weights are favoured.

UV can be pertained on spot locations of the paper or by flooding the page. This coating function can intensify the color of the printed area. Drying is nearly immediate when depiction to the exact level of UV light so projects can shift rapidly into the bindery.

A printed page with UV coating applied can be incredibly glossy or compressed to a matte finish. A good instance of UV coated paper is photo paper sold for home printing projects. UV coatings that are not completely healed can have a somewhat sticky feeling.

Benefits of UV Coatings:

Ultraviolet coating has numerous benefits over other coating methods such as aqueous coating or varnish. They include:

  • Very elevated glow finish
  • fine abrasion confrontation
  • soaring simplicity
  • Environmentally affable
  • immediate drying time with UV light spotlight