We will make a mark in the field of manufacturing and exporting the best value Paper Foils. The Paper Foils offered with us can be acquired in a preference of 2 ply, 3 ply and 4 ply. Our Paper Foils are soaring on demand in different industries for packing products like Chocolates, Chewing gum, Biscuits etc. We formulate use of the supreme ranking raw materials for developing these Paper Foils. Thus, our Paper Foils have superb quality. We proffer these Paper Foils, at affordable prices in the MARKETS.

Used For Packing:

  • Ice Cream Cone Sleeve
  • Chocolates
  • Chewing gum
  • Biscuits
  • Tea coffee
  • Breakfast cereals
  • For Cigarette,
  • ORS
  • Pan Masala
  • Wet Tissues

Common Structures:

  • Aluminium Foils - Poster Paper
  • Aluminium Foils - Poster Paper - LDPE
  • 50/55 GSM Chromo Paper - 6.5/7/8/9 Micron Aluminium Foils - VMCH
  • 50/55 GSM Chromo Paper - 9 Micron Aluminium Foil -LDPE
  • 40 GSM Glassine Paper - 6.5 Micron Aluminium Foils - VMCH

Other Laminates:

  • 6.5Micron Aluminium Foils -60 GSM Paper
  • 6.5Micron Aluminium Foils - 80GSM Paper
  • 7 Micron Aluminium Foils - 60GSM Paper
  • 7 Micron Aluminium Foils - 80 GSM Paper

Product Features:

  • Gold Foils
  • Excellent Mach inability
  • Available in 510mm/550mm/610mm/1000mm/1500mm Rolls

We SunPro® Foilk-Pack focused in specialized coating and laminating obligatory for flexible packaging and industrial lamination requirements. With our in-house laboratory services we can also endow with personalized laminating solutions for your exclusive applications.

Call for a quote today on our laminated paper, film and paper rolls products.

  • Laminated Foil
  • Laminated Paper
  • Laminated Film

Learn more about each of these products below:

Laminated Foil:

Laminated foil is a multipurpose product employ for many consumer and industrial applications. For example, laminated foil is used in flexible packaging, ID tags, ham wrap, and point of purchase (POP) display. Laminated to a variety of substrates, such as polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene, this product enhances product reliability. Plus, it gives vapour barrier characteristics.

All Foils’ laminated foil options are enormously different meaning you can obtain the laminated product you require. Laminate options comprise: Litho paper, polyester, polyethylene, Kraft paper, liner paper, linerboard, and tissue.

Laminated Paper:

All Foils hold an inventory laminated paper products with a series of facade treatments, substrates, laminates, and more. Surface treatment options embrace corona treating and flame treating, while substrates contain aluminium, copper, metalized paper, and polyolefin. The laminate options sort from Litho paper, polyester, polyethylene, Kraft paper, linerboard/tag, and tissue.

Paperboard lamination is in style because it presents barrier protection to aroma, moisture, oxygen, and water vapor. It is admired in food service industries and medical applications as well as arts and crafts.

Laminated Film:

Laminated film products are well-liked in food service and consumable goods applications due to their protective qualities. For example, film laminations are impermeable and tear proof, which permits them to maintain goods odourless, dry, and humidity defiant. Plus, the reflectivity and structural uprightness of laminated film adjoins another layer of protection.

All Foils carries laminated film products in estimates ranging from .0005” to .010” and in widths up to 1500mm Adhesive options include Wet / Dry / VMCH / UV Coating