Uses / Applications:


Both metallised PET and BOPP have restored foil laminates for products such as snack foods, coffee and candy, which do not necessitate the finer barrier of aluminium foil. Metallised nylon and polyethylene are exercised in the meat export market. The controlled permeation extends shelf life. Metallised films are exploited as a subsector for cooking in microwave ovens. An example is a microwave popcorn bag. Many food items are also packaged using metallised films for outer shell only, as these create a put together with superior glitter when evaluated to competing products that use printed paper or polymer films.


Metallised PET films are exploited in NASA’s spacesuits to formulate them emission resistant and remain astronauts warm, and in proximity (aluminized) suits are used by AR-FF fire fighters for guard from the soaring sum of heat released from fuel fires. Silvered emergency blankets are also used to preserve a shock victim’s body heat. These reflective materials might also be used as part of industrial and commercial insulation (for example, insulated shipping containers.)

Insulating blankets made with Metallised PET were also employed as insulation in aircraft until security distress resulted in their deprecation.[5] In particular, it was found to be a major cause of the in-flight fire of Swissair Flight 111 on September 2, 1998.

Poly Laminated Metalized Film Application:

  • PE METPET or METBOPP Film For Air Bubble Insulations
  • PE Coated MBOPP Film For Thermal Insulations Materials.
  • PE Coated Metalized Polyester Film for Foam Insulations Materials Manufacturing
  • Poly Coated Metalized PET Film For Heat Lamination with Foam
  • PE Coated Metalized BOPP Film For Heat Lamination with Air Bubble Film
  • PE coated Metllised For Glass Wool Insulations
  • PE coated Plastic Film For Thermal Insulations Materials
  • Plastic coated Metalized For Reflective Insulations Barrier
  • Reinforced Scrim Laminated metalized Film For Insulation Industries
  • Coated Pure Reflective Film For Reflective Insulations Industries..
  • Metalized Film Laminated Paper and Paper Board For Multi Colour Printing Industries.
  • Heat insulation material
  • Film for Protective Packaging Material
  • Laminated Film for Plastic flexible laminates
  • Soap and detergent industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • Paper cup industries
  • Ice Cream
  • Multi wall paper bags industries


  • Hot melting provides good surface adhesion for other materials.
  • Can be pasted or laminated using methods suitable for hot melting treated polyester Excellent handling characteristics
  • Available in special grade suitable for lamination

Structure : 01

  • Product Code : MPET12/PE20
  • Item : Metalized Polyester Film with Polyethylene Coating
Thickness micron 32
Weight grs/sqm 37
Yield sqm/Kg 27.03
Density gr/cm3 1.41 for MPET0.92 for PE
Emissivity % 0.3 ~ 0.4
Reflectivity % 92 ~ 97
Tensile Strength Kg/cm2 MD: 2000
TD: 2100
Elongation at Break % MD: 140
TD: 130
Lamination Temperature 'C 200 ~ 250
Lamination Pressure kg/cm2 8
-Core ID : 76mm (3inch) Standard
-length : 5,000mtrs, Other lengths available On request
-Thickness Tolerance : +/-7% Maximum
-Wdiths : Up to 1520mm

Structure : 02

  • Product Code : MBOPP17 / PE20
  • Commodity : Metalized BOPP Film with Polyethylene Coatings
Thickness micron 37
Density gr/cm3 1.41 for MBOPP & 0.92 for LDPE
Weight grs/sqm 37
Yield sqm/Kg 27.78
Reflectivity % 75~80
Emissivity % 0.2 ~ 0.3
Lamination Temperature Temp 200 ~ 250
Lamination Pressure kg/cm2 8
-Core ID : 76mm (3inch) Standard
-length : 3,000mtrs-5,000mtrs, Other lengths available On request
-Thickness Tolerance : +/-7% Maximum
-Wdiths : 1520mm Max