PE Coated Hydrophilic PP Spunbond Non-Woven Fabric

PE Laminated Hydrophilic Spunbond nonwoven is with no color or pattern. and it is the material of multicolor spunbond, printing spunbond. Spunbond fabrics are produced by depositing extruded, spun filaments onto a collecting belt in a uniform random manner followed by bonding the fibers. The fibers are separated during the web laying process by air jets or electrostatic charges. The collecting surface is usually perforated to prevent the air stream from deflecting and carrying the fibers in an uncontrolled manner. Bonding imparts strength and integrity to the web by applying heated rolls or hot needles to partially melt the polymer and fuse the fibers together. Since molecular orientation increases the melting point, fibers that are not highly drawn can be used as thermal binding fibers. Polyethylene or random ethylene-propylene copolymers are used as low melting bonding sites. Spunbond products are employed in carpet backing, geotextiles, and disposable medical/hygiene products. Since the fabric production is combined with fiber production, the process is generally more economical than when using staple fiber to make nonwoven fabrics.


  • Medical & Sanitary
  • Baby cloth,nursing cushion,etc
  • House decoration,car interior decoration;
  • Wipe, wet tissue,industrial wipe,house wipe


  • Super water absorbency hydrophilic PP spunbond nonwoven fabric
  • Good Soft and intensity;
  • High absorption and fast wet;
  • Short fuzz and washable
  • No chemical additive
  • look like knitting in appearance
Test Unit Typical Value 15 GSM Typical Value 17 GSM
Mass per Unit Area GSM gm/cm2 15±7% 17±7%
Thickness DTEX 2.5 to 4.0 2.5 to 4.0
Tensile Strength - MD N/5CM 20 to 25 22 to 28
Tensile Strength - CD N/5CM 12 to 15 15 to 19
Elongation MD/CD % 55 to 100 55 to 100
Air Permeability M3/M2/min 150 to 550 150 to 450
  • Non Woven GSM Range: 12 to 100 GSM
  • Width of fabric 150mm To 1600mm (as per order)
  • PE Lamination GSM 15 to 20 GSM
  • Length of roll 50mtr to 6000mtr (as per GSM & order)
  • Colour of fabric White, Medical Blue, Sea Green, Black & 15more (match as per customer need)
  • Available in Roll, Sheet-cut, Tube