Foil paper based 4 ply laminates for drug formulations

Oral rehydration salt or solution (ORS) is medicinal formulation of salt, sugar & medicines. These apparatus have tremendous water loving characteristic & it unfavourably affected by changing climatic environment of country. Thus protection of this medicinal property is decisive job for any packaging material.

We at Patels Foil designed extraordinary multilayer laminate that efficiently protects effectiveness of ORS formulations for longer periods. This Al foil, Paper & particular PE based 4ply laminate is brilliant choice for linked Pharma drug formulation packaging.


  • OLB Paper/ PE / Al foil / PE
  • Chromo Paper/ PE / Al foil / PE
  • Poster Paper/ PE / Al foil / PE

Features :

  • Endows with absolute barrier to moisture, water & gases that otherwise may reason lumping & even worsening of powered stuffing.
  • presents barrier to beam that may otherwise cause bloom of content.
  • Preserves flavour & fragrances of content. Also during manufacturing no solvents & chemicals are used therefore no incidence of solvent odour.
  • Packing of ORS drug formulation in the laminate boosts shelf life.
  • The inmost layer of particular polymers facilitates outstanding sealing through powder traces. Thereby successfully addresses trouble of seal breakdown.
  • Excellent printable outside bestows stylish physical exterior & appeal which is vital for its receiving in the pasture.
  • Free from curling that reduces jamming and eases high speed packing.

Applications :

Packaging of ORS & related drug formulation, Brief Specifications:

  • Basis Weight - 110/ 150 Gsm / Custom
  • Width - Jumbo reel form 700 mm - 1500 mm
  • Slitted coils – As per the requirement