Woven Scrim Laminated Film

Radiant barriers or reflective barriers inhibit heat transfer by thermal radiation. Thermal energy may also be transferred via conduction or convection, however, and radiant barriers do not necessarily protect against heat transfer via conduction or convection

SunPro TM UV Woven Based RADIANT Reinforced Film

Woven Scrim Laminated Film Types:

  • Metalized PET with PE woven fabric
  • MBOPP with PE woven fabric
  • Al Foil with PE woven fabric
Property(Grammage) Test Method(ISO 536) Unit(g/sqm) Results(140–160 (+/-5%))
Tensile–MD and CD ASTM D828 N/25 mm 350 – 400 and100 – 200
Elongation– MD and CD AS 4200.1 % 15±5
Force at break – MD and CD ASTM D 2261 N 100±20
Water Vapour Transmission ASTM F 1249 N <1
Emittance of surface Aluminium foil ASTM E408 % 97±2
Working Tempreture - Celsius -50 to 110’C

Roll size:

  • Roll Width: 1000mm to 1550mm
  • Roll Length: 60m to 1500m
  • Core I.D.: 76mm
  • Note: Special dimension on request.


  • Reinforced ⁄ Lamination For Air Bubble Insulation Materials Manufacturing
  • Reinforced ⁄ Lamination For Foam Based Insulations Materials Manufacturing
  • Reinforced ⁄ Lamination For any Type of Thermal Insulations Materials Manufacturing
  • Reinforced ⁄ Lamination For Glass Wool Based Insulations Materials Manufacturing
  • For Manufacturing Insulation⁄Barrier Bags

Available Roll Width:

  • 1.26 m and 1.52 m