3 Ply Aluminum Laminates

A 3–ply laminate is a 3–layer laminate, where the middle layer can be AL, or VMPET. 3–ply laminates has better protection properties against oxygen and light than 2–ply laminates. In most cases, Coffee Bags have 3–ply structure.

Our company is involved in manufacturing a broad range of Packaging covers and foils such as Gutka and Tobacco Wrapper. Tobacco wrappers of our company are designed to pack chewable items in different quantities. Our all wrappers and coils are designed using plastic, fibers, papers, aluminum and other materials. Furthermore, we offer our tobacco wrappers in varied logos and sizes to suit the diverse requirements of the clients.Our laminated wrappers and foils are widely appreciated for the properties like customized specification, leak proof, moist resistant and light weight.