PE COATED Al Foil Metpet MetBopp

We, M/S, SunPro™ are the major manufacturer and exporter of PE Extrusion Coated or laminated Materials, PE Coated or Laminated products and Radiant Barrier products in India and do supply the quality products with a wide range satisfaction from overseas customers.

We believe you might be interested in our products to be laminated on PE foam , air bubble film or any Thermal Reflective Insulation materials forinsulation industry as well as also used in Packaging Printing Industries..

  • Aluminum foil with PE coating (AL 7 to 15 micron PE 15 to 30micron)
  • Metalized BOPP film with PE coating(MBOPP 12–18micron/PE15–30micron)
  • Metalized Polyester film with PE coating(MPET 8–18micron/PE15–30micron)

Our All Al foil Metalized Film are very Low Emissivity & high Reflectivity, Further, we introduce innovative film and foil as Attach Specification Sheet. If you Demand As your Customized Specification pl inform us so according to your specification we offer..