Paper Laminated Non Woven Fabrics

  • high strength
  • great absorption power
  • non-toxic

Non Woven Fabrics + PE + Paper:


  • made from continuous filament, with good tensile strength and elongation;
  • anti-chemical, anti-static, waterproof, breathable, antibacterial;
  • non-toxic, non-irritating, not mildew, and isolate the bacteria in the presence of liquid and the erosion of insects;
  • flame retardent


  • Agriculture fields: UV treated products used in agriculture;
  • Household fields: tablecloth, furniture, disposable cloth;
  • Hygiene fields: surgical gowns, protective coverall, working garment, disposable hats, shoe cover etc.;
  • Sanitary fields: baby diaper, adult diaper, underpad etc.;
  • Shopping bags: many bright colors available.


  • Composition laminated nonwoven fabric/PP+PE
  • Range of GSM –40˜250gsm
  • Range of width –10˜200CM
  • Roll length –subject to clients requirements
  • Color – various color available
  • Packing wrapped in poly bag

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